Nolan River|Mural Mosaic

Of the four urban installation mosaic art works, which dan mueller has completed at MetCenter in Austin thus far, “Nolan River Papa” was completed in February of 2016.(Trigger, Tribute to Avery and Tribute to Ian are the other three urban art mosaics at MetCenter).  NolanRiverPappa-custom-nameplaque

The Nolan piece was so named (and created) as a commemoration/celebration of the birth of a son to Dan’s friends, Mathew Papa and Shannon Smith.  “Matt” Papa is also Dan’s long time disc golf buddy, and participated a substantial amount to the creation of this art work (among others, now) in application of the tiles, through to the finishing steps and completion.  NolanMosaic-MattPappa

Other friends and/or golf buddies helped as well, in part, on the Nolan piece:  Josh Rippy and Ken Shepherd.

This Nolan River Papa mosaic mural piece is viewable at the entrance of the disc golf course (which is part of MetCenter).  Specifically: by tee-box 1 and basket 18.

"Nolan" Mosaic MetCenterAustin by

Here are some additional “in progress” and just after completion, on-site pictures of the mural in the making…


EAST 2017 ~ Yay- It’s that time again!

East 2017

This Weekend (!) is the kickoff of EAST 2017, and it is an event not to be missed (by most Austinites standards).


“Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning two weekends in November. EAST provides opportunities for the public to meet the artists and artisans of Austin in their creative spaces.”


It’s a great way to get out, explore your neighborhood (or the “Eastside” neighborhood) meet artists, get exercise and have fun!!!  Many studios offer complimentary food and beverages, have guest speakers or unique exhibitions just for this event and feature some of their fine art on sale during the tour.  Naturally, the artists are present to represent and discuss their artwork with you.

Dan Mueller’s newest works will be on display at The Canopy (916 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702) during the 2 weekends of EAST (East Austin Studio Tour) beginning on Nov. 11, 2017, this year.

He will be showcasing a wide array of home-enhancing tile mosaic artwork… such as:  garden pots, stepping stones, outdoor furniture and hangable plaques, all in tiled mosaic.

 Find dan mueller displaying at “Fertile Grounds Landscaping Design” (near the coffee shop at the bottom of the stairs).

If you do not have a whole lot of time to explore EAST, the Canopy is an excellent place to be sure to stop by.  There are approximately 50 artists that will have their studios open for you at this one location.  There are also food and beverage vendors on site, and nice outdoor areas to relax.

Parking is easy peasy, too. -free on street

Stop by to meet Dan and say hello:)

New Art Mural|Urban Beautification in Austin, TX “Trigger”

Dan Mueller’s largest Urban installation, to date, has been completed and sits at MetCenter Business Park (making it the fourth completed work of art he has at this location).


At MetCenter, this particular 644 sq. feet of formerly blank concrete,  a tile mosaic artwork is viewable from SH 183, at the point where Riverside Drive intersects with SH 183.

Here is a little about the history in the making, so to speak….

As the location is very close to the Austin airport, Dan was inspired to do a grand project on the space (viewable to all flying over it via plane, etc.) and aesthetically enhance it it with art.austin Trigger Mural by

Dan approached the partners who own MetCenter, and he got the commision for the job.

It took Dan, and team of only 1-2 others, just over one month to complete. Not bad for a 644 sq. foot area at about a 35 degree slope! Perhaps, the 100 degree temperatures during that month were the impetus for the speed in which they worked, as the grout dries extremely fast under the sun and heat, and there are steps which must be done after it is applied and before it dries. AustinTriggerMural by

At the project’s size, it is also, just over one half the size of the Deep Eddy Pool mural.

AustinTriggerMural by

A music theme, in traditional suit for Austin, was the goal. Dan took inspiration from one of Austin’s most loved persons, Willie Nelson. Both the mural, and Willie’s guitar are entitled: “Trigger”.

 This mosaic art mural was completed in July, 2016. The custom made sign is a work of art in itself, created by Dan’s brother, Ken Mueller (owner/founder of Mueller Manufacturing Inc.)

When near the area, be sure to make plans to view this beautiful mosaic mural:)

AustinTriggerMural by

terra-cotta wall|landscape project