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the mosaic tile artwork of dan mueller can be seen in grand scale, and beautifying urban areas such as Met Center business park in Austin, TX. where he has completed two “fallen friends” tribute installations on the city park drains. a rubik’s cube art installation can be seen on a commercial property on the 1700 block of E 6th St., and mosaic murals cover half a dozen landscape walls beautifying one condominium property in East Austin.
austin mosaic art-dan mueller

on smaller scale, dan custom builds 6 foot wooden tables adding mosaic tile art to the top surface, creates custom logo and art tiles for commercial businesses and mosaic garden art pieces, such as garden pots, stepping stones, in-ground pedestals and hanging tiled art for wall or fence display (for residential or commercial spaces).  up to as much as 60% of the materials dan uses to create his art are reclaimed and/or saved from going to the landfill!

Austin Beerworks tiled logo signs

Signs for Austin Beerworks

austin urban mosaic art by dan mueller

“Tribute to Avery” at Met Center

dan mueller mosaic garden art

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Nolan River|Mural Mosaic


Of the four urban installation mosaic art works, which dan mueller has completed at MetCenter in Austin thus far, “Nolan River Papa” was completed in February of 2016.(Trigger, Tribute to Avery and Tribute to Ian are the other three urban art mosaics at MetCenter).  NolanRiverPappa-custom-nameplaque danmuellerart.com

The Nolan piece was so named (and created) as a commemoration/celebration of the birth of a son to Dan’s friends, Mathew Papa and Shannon Smith.  “Matt” Papa is also Dan’s long time disc golf buddy, and participated a substantial amount to the creation of this art work (among others, now) in application of the tiles, through to the finishing steps and completion.  NolanMosaic-MattPappa

Other friends and/or golf buddies helped as well, in part, on the Nolan piece:  Josh Rippy and Ken Shepherd.

This Nolan River Papa mosaic mural piece is viewable at the entrance of the disc golf course (which is part of MetCenter).  Specifically: by tee-box 1 and basket 18.

"Nolan" Mosaic MetCenterAustin by danmuellerart.com

Here are some additional “in progress” and just after completion, on-site pictures of the mural in the making…



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